KLHCI Announces New Logo and Website



City of Kawartha Lakes, March 31, 2017:  Kawartha Lakes Health Care Initiative (KLHCI) is very pleased to announce their new logo and website (www.KawarthaLakesDoctors.org).  KLHCI is a non-profit, charitable organization whose mandate is to recruit and retain family doctors for the City of Kawartha Lakes (CKL). 

“Working with local design company, Colour & Code, has been a great partnership in the redevelopment of KLHCI’s logo and website”, said Dan Joyce, KLHCI Marketing Committee Chairperson.  “The new website is an easier to read and navigate format for all users of the site including potential recruits, medical learners, local family doctors, and City of Kawartha Lakes citizens.”

KLHCI’s new website contains information for potential family doctor recruits, current family doctors, and medical learners.  Additionally, there is information for CKL community members such as how to find a family doctor, locations and hours of after-hours clinics, and the programs that KLHCI uses to recruit and retain family doctors for CKL.

“KLHCI’s Board of Directors is very excited with the launch of the new website and hope that everyone will take a moment to have a look,” states Sheila-Mae Young, KLHCI President.

The KLHCI Board of Directors has representation from throughout the City of Kawartha Lakes. The board is interested in adding new members.  Being a member of KLHCI’s Board of Directors is an excellent opportunity to volunteer and be part of this vital component of our community health care, the recruitment and retention of family doctors.  Please give consideration to being part of KLHCI.  Anyone wishing to be part of this community effort by either volunteering or donating financially to support the ongoing recruitment and retention programs should contact Cindy Snider, Recruitment & Retention Coordinator at 705-328-6098 or info@KawarthaLakesDoctors.org, or visit the KLHCI website at www.KawarthaLakesDoctors.org